How to caught bass in the winter.

Winter time fishing for bass. When talking winter fishing for bass we are talking about the southern part of the US. Since the northern US is iced over.  The metabolism of bass are slow calling for a slower presentation. Location for winter bass. You will find the bass where the food is. Look for bait on electronics. During the winter over 97% of the water holds no fish. You will many times find the bass grouped in schools.

Lipless crank baits like the Rapala clack n rap is a good choice for deeper fish.  Red is hot color. A Rapala xrap is a suspending jerk bait that works good in shallow water.  Jigs can also be very productive. Again fish them slow.  If you are fishing a southern lake or reservoir look  at the shore line . Try points. Looking at the shore line look for transition areas. Examples of transition areas are:  where gravel turns to sand, small rock to large rock.

Watch your locator and look for the classic pods of baitfish. When you find them fish near bye. Fishing techniques  with a lipless crank bait. 1) Stop and go retrieve fishing very slowly. 2) Let the lipless crank bait sink to the bottom then pump the crank like you would a jig. Let then fall. Most time you will get your bass to bite on the fall. You can also fish a jig in the same fashion for winter bass. In southern reservoirs everyone knows the shad (baitfish ) follow the creek arms.

Hotspots for winter bass include creek arm bends. Fish adjacent to the creek arms. In southern reservoirs how do you choose  a particular creek arm?  At the mouth of a creek arm look for baitfish on the locator. If you see baitfish, fish that creek arm. Also in creek arms use your locator to look for drop offs. Fish those drop offs. They are prime winter bass holding structures.


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