How to catch walleye.

One of the greatest fisheries on the planet is Lake of The Woods. Bordered by Minnesota  on the South, Manitoba , and Ontario on the North. LOW has phenomenal populations of walleye, smallmouth, big northern big, and a world class musky fishery combined into one huge lake. Few waters can boast of this diversity and populations of fish species. LOW approximately 80 miles wide by 80 miles has 14,000 islands. Much of this lake is big and wild (undeveloped).

So where does a new angler to LOW choose to go fishing? Let’s take walleyes species. Walleyes are found literally throughout Low in high populations. Let’s break down the lakes in a few chunks that hold the highest populations. Start on the south shore of LOW on the Minnesota side from Warroad, Mn to Baudette Mn you have a very large portion called Big Traverse bay. You cannot see across it. Big Traverse bay has very high populations of walleye and because commercial netting has been stopped for some years now has only increased the walleye population  and the average fish size in this section of LOW.

In the spring thru early summer you will find walleye in toward shore and on rocks humps and points. Towards mid summer the walleyes migrate out into the middle of Big Traverse bay near the Ontario border.  Many fishing resorts can be found from Baudette to Warroad. Zipple Bay also good. A fisherman can use his own boat or there are many bigger launches that go out on Big Traverse bay. The launch is a good option especially from July on thru September.  The draw back in fishing Big Traverse bay is the weather. When there is a cold front from the Northwest with 15 MPH-30MPH will render Big Traverse virtually unfishable. Only the largest launches will venture out under these conditions. Dangerous seven to eight foot waves result during these wind conditions.

For those using your own boat fishing Big Traverse bay use caution. Many cell phones do not work in this remote area of Minnesota (just ask me, mine did not). You need a backup marine two way radio and a GPS. When the wind is from the south on Big Traverse and you are fishing the Minnesota shore . If your motors fail and you have no help you could  be blown out into a very remote section of Ontario LOW , 25 miles from the Minnesota shore (if your boat survives the big waves). Yes be cautious on Big Traverse! If going it alone with one boat have a satellite phone and backup marine radio. Have a backup motor on your boat ( a small trolling gas motor and an electric third source of power).  Use common sense and if in doubt about the wind and being safe error on the side of being safe. Call off the day of fishing.

In Minnesota the NW angle has tremendous fishing like Big Traverse bay. The NW angle is a small section of Minnesota on the NW side of big Traverse bay. If driving to the NW angle you will have to drive 20-40 miles thru Manitoba . You can get there by boat , traveling across Big Travese Bay. There are one or two resorts in the NW Angle. The fishing has the protection of islands so you should be able to fish even on windy days that you would be blown off Big Traverse Bay.

In the spring the Rainy River which flows into LOW at Baudette has a major run of migrating walleyes. Walleye can be caught in the Rainy River year round , although spring is best. What to use for bait? Spinner rigs , Lindy rigs, crank baits are your most popular. This concludes fishing the American side of LOW.

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