It’s the dead of winter as write this post in Minnesota . It suppose to be -16 F and -30 F windchill tonight. The dead of winter many refer to as the period after new years until about March 1st when the the weather is pretty darn cold. How about taking a couple three days vacation and going on a fishing trip. Something to break the winter.  A great get away would be to Devils lake North Dakota for an ice fishing trip with the famous Perch patrol guide service.

Devils Lake note for its jumbo perch one of the world best perch fisheries and to boot one of the 5 best walleye lakes in the United States. A couple friends and myself were talking about doing this trip. A bucket trip to do at least once for every fisherman. It is said a  pound to a pound and ½ perch are common. Perch are a great eating fish.  There is a Amtrak train option you can take for a very reasonable price.  Yes a bucket trip on my list.


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