One of the greatest freshwater fisheries in the world is Lake of The Wood. It is so big it would be impossible to cover all areas of the lake in one article. It would take a book. Canadian fishing Lake Of The Woods is different in that most of the lakes 14,000 lie in Canadian waters. This is a bonus to have protection for your average boater in the boat size of 16 to 22 foot. The American side of the LOW is one huge body of water unsheltered by islands.

One great area to fish walleye is the Sioux Narrows Ontario area. From Sioux Narrows there is what I would describe as a long narrow arm portion of LOW. This arm of LOW is .5 to 1 mile wide and runs 15 miles long out to one of the bigger lake areas of LOW whitefish bay. Also as you get out 15 miles you are definitely in a remote wilderness area.

For the fisherman that wants to try this area is great for several reasons. In Sioux Narrows on the arm of LOW you can find several resorts to stay at. Either a cabin or a trailer or tent camping campground. On windy days you will still be able to fish this section of LOW. Unlike the Minnesota portion Big Traverse Bay where strong winds from most any direction can result in a day that is not fishable by boat. Another reason the Sioux Narrows area is a neat is that if you choose to go way out 15 miles to the big portion of LOW (white fish bay) and fish a less fished area you still have that option.

My experience fishing Sioux Narrows was a good one for walleyes about early July. You can fish this arm of LOW out to about 9 miles and expect good walleye fishing especially the last hour of the day. You will feel  safe during windy conditions and there is a reasonable (but not an overly) amount of boat traffic. If you should get in trouble you are not all alone. When fishing way out there Sioux Narrows going 15 miles to whitefish bay it best to pair up with another buddy or boater that wants to experience this fishing. You do not want to be stranded in this portion of LOW. When you are boating out to white fish bay boating traffic starts to wain after 10-11 miles out.

When we fished Whitefish bay went out to the 20 mile mark and started fishing by an island the resort owner pointed us to fish. It was very good fishing in early afternoon. Many times one fish after another followed by small amounts of time where you would not catch any. The walleye fishing was indeed fantastic this day. A unique option LOW would be to go out towards the center LOW and camp / fish on one of the islands. When you are fishing LOW make sure someone knows where you are going and when you are expected back.  Portions of LOW are no place to be stranded. There are also underwater hazards such as rocks that will destroy your propeller or lower unit. This is not a proplem if you talk the locals and find out how to navigate the bouys.  Try walleye fishing Lake of the Woods on the Canadian side for some truly great walleye fishing.

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