Building fish structures for your lake , pond , or river is very possible. Honey hole trees and shrubs are made of material that will not deriorate.  These artificial teees and shrubs give your fish a place to ambush prey and give the prey a cover to hide in.

You add the honey hole trees in water that is 6 feet or deeper. You place the trees in 15 feet or less of water. This is the feeding area of your fish. Place your honey hole trees in groups of 2-3.  The honey hole tree is 6 feet tall by 7 feet wide. You assemble the tree much like you would an artificial Christmas tree. The honey hole shrub which is about half the size of the honey hole tree is designed to promote forage fish. You place the honey hole shrub in 3-4 feet of water typically near a spawning area. The honey hole shrub is 32 inches high by 6 feet wide. The shrub will enable fish to lay eggs and attract algae for feed. The shrub gives the newly hatched forage minnows a place to hide and protect themselves. Check with your state’s DNR to make sure this within your state regulations.

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