How to catch walleye method for the September to ice out fall period.

One of the very best times to catch that wall hanger lunker walleye is the fall period.  The state of Minnesota  DNR has determined that walleyes bite twice as much as the late summer period. Night time is a prime time to fish for walleye from the shore (or boat).  Specifically from sundown to midnight is best. You want to key in on the following areas: Prime walleye waters (rivers or lakes). Channels between lakes.  Where streams or rivers flow into a lake.  Where streams or rivers flow into a river.   The best lure for fall walleye fishing at night under these circumstances would be a plug such as the original floating Rapala or a shad rap (number 5 or 7).

A headlamp is a must equipment. If you are Fishing  from shore waders may benefit you if you are fishing flat slow tapering area. Waders will allow you to wade out and fish water you would not be able to reach otherwise.  What happens in the fall in these areas I specified above is that after sundown baitfish come into these current / neck down areas to feed.    Guess what follows them are walleye and other predator fish that feed on the bait fish.

A typical night fishing would be to go into an area after sundown and fish a couple hours. Fish your floating Rapala with a slow steady retrieve. You are now fishing the cold water period and the fish are not as active as the summer period. You will find walleye will come into an area after you have been casting without any action and all of a sudden catch more than one fish. From shore keep working an area moving slowly down the shoreline and back again.  Fishing these areas from a boat at night requires organization. Lights headlamp a must and always wear your life preserver. Not uncommon is to catch that 8 or 10 pound trophy walleye.

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