How to catch walleye under the full moon during the fall.

One of the very best time to catch the trophy walleye is during the full moon periods in the September, October , and November months. The full moon is the when the moon shines bright and full in the sky. Waleyes starting about late September /early October need to put on a feed to get ready for the winter period when bait fish are not plentiful. The full moon period at night when skies are cloudless are your best choice for fishing walleye. Walleye will come into very shallow water to feed after dark.

What locations you want  to fish will depend on the lake or river you are fishing. Here in Minnesota shallow rock piles in lakes, rip rap areas in rivers are good spots generally. A good guide as to where to fish at night during the full moon would be to note where on your body of water during the day the fish are biting. Then fish that area and shallower.

Example a lake break line may good during the day.  Fish the same spot at night and shallower.  Fishing techniques that are productive  different crank baits are r. I like the original floating Rapala and the shad rap.  Troll these crank baits in an S shaped pattern for the depth range you want to fish. Say your fishing a shallow rock pile and trolling 4- 8 feet depths.

You can also try casting a crank bait over these shallow waters. I like to try a mixture of trolling and casting. Let the fish tell you what they prefer that night and the depth range. In other words play it by ear. Crank baits are not the only methods that work for full moo n walleye . You can use a live bait rig or a jig. Here in Minnesota Lake Millacs  is famous for the full moon bite on its many rock piles.  As I write this post Sept 29 I am looking out my window and seeing a full moon.  Do an internet search for 2012 full moon calendar and you can see when the full moon occurs.  Give the full moon walleyes a try.  You may end up catching a fish of a lifetime!

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