How to catch bass during the mid fall period.

Mid fall begins when shad move up the creek arms about mid 50 F water temp . This begins some of the very best bass fishing of the fall season. Bass are following the shad which following the  phytoplankton , (their food source).  Shad are feeding heavily on the phytoplankton. Phytoplankton get their energy from sunlight. Phosphate and nitrate are the key.

Back of creeks bring in nutrients that Phytoplankton feed on. Too much nutrients cause algea blooms which is not good. Look for green tinted water signifies Phytoplankton. Which creek arm to pick. Pick the ones with current. Current causes more oxygen in the water which fish like. Techniques for mid fall. Start at the creek mouths and work the flats keying on isolated batches of cover (such as submerged timber).

Then work your way up the creek arms. Shallow running big crank baits , buss baits, and spinner baits work very well. Bass will fluctuate back and forth from creek mouths up the arms on a given day.  So play it by ear during the mid fall. Let the fish tell you where they are located (in which section of the creek arms). Also switch baits determining what the fish prefer for a particular daily condition.  Late fall starts when water temps drop into the 40 F temp. Bass then migrate out of the creek arms back into the main lake.

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