Fishing a live shiner is a deadly technique for catching bass and more fish, espiecally in the south US.

To Rig a shiner use a 1 awt or 2 awt hook, tie to your fish line. Put a split shot sinker ten to twelve inches from the hook. Use any bobber type , you need a pretty good size boober.

Rig the bobber 2.5 to 3 feet from the hook. Hooking the shine. There are three ways to hook a shiner.

1) Thru the lips.

2) Thru the back

3) Thru the tail. Fishing the shiner rig.

Fish the weed edge such as lily pads and fish open spots in the lily pads or any type of weeds. When a bass hits a shiner , you usually know it , the bobber will go down quickly. If you hook a shiner in the tail, the shiner will tend to want to swim up into cover. Say you are fishing the edge of the weed bed, a hooked shiner will want to go into the weeds. Also note you can tell if a bass is after your shiner because the shiner will be swimming more. Shiner fishing is a technique that you can to your arsenal to help you catch more bass.

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