How to catch fish in the fall. In the fall your crappies will go to deep areas in your lake in preparation for the winter. Crappie

will stay in the deep water all winter. By deep water we are taking deep water adjacent
to the shallows were the crappie were earlier in the year spawning. The depth for basin crappie are 30-40-50 feet. To locate fall deep water crappies use your lcr depth finder to located the crappie
which will be near the bottom. Most time you will see pods of bait fish above the crappie on the bottom.
When you spot fish throw out a marker bouy. You can use a 1/16 oz. Or you can use a
an ice fishing jig bait and has two hooks on both ends and a treble hook beneath. The metal loop
where you tie the line is in the middle of the back.  When Working a stamdard jigor ice . Let your bait to the bottom,a few inches. Then jig a few times. Pause and reel up another another few inches. Repeat the jigging motion pause and
then do it again. Try  a jig  method to help you catch more crappie in the fall.
How to fillet a crappie

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