How to fly fish. Fly tying a woolly bugger.

To tie one of the most popular flies for steelhead follow the below steps:

1)      Take a 2x long 1x strong nymph hook and place in a fly vise.

2)      Lay down on the shank of the hook a base of thread with your bobbin.

3)      Take enough black marabou feathers to cover the hook shank. Wind over and hold in place with thread.

4)      Cut and remove the excess marabou.

5)      Apply three sprigs of crystal fly to the hook shank (about the length of the hook shank). Then wind over the flash with thread to hold it in place.

6)      Take a pheasant saddle hackle feather and apply to the back of the hook. Place the smallest end of the saddle hackle at the eye of the hook. Wind the thread with your bobbin over the pheasant hackle to hold it in place. Trim excess.

7)      Over the pheasant hackle apply 4-5 a peacock hurl feather.

8)      Saddle the hackle around the shank of the hook . Wind the hackle to the front of the hook. Making a chenille wrap. Then around the eye of the hook wind several wraps.

9)      Pull the material away from the eye of the hook. Wrap over with thread from your bobbin making a collar.

10)  Whip finish the knot.

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