An old technique and still one of the best techniques for catching walleyes is using a spinner setup. This method has been around a long time but is often overlooked by the walleye angler. What is a spinner ? It is simpley a spinner blade on a leader with beads a hook (for minnows) or a tandem hook for leeches and crawlers. You can buy spinner setups for walleye pre packaged or you can make them yourself. Try to choose the bead setup

that match the forage color the walleye are feeding on. Silver beads would be a good color choice that mimicks a shiner. The grean and yellow colored beads night mimick a perch. Instead of beads there is also the option to use a minnow shaped bead. For the novice fisherman it is probably easiest to buy them pre packaged. A greaty option for bait when using spinners is the super baits such as gulp in minnows , leeches or worms. A spinner will tend to give the super baits action it normally would not have on a straight hook. Not to say that your standard live bait is not good also. If you cannot get to a bait shop the super baits are excellent. How do you fish a spinner for walleye. Trolling at 1 to 1.5 MPH is a good speed. You can also drift with the wind. Spinner baits are easy to fish. Spinners for walleyes are great especially during the summer when the walleyes are most active. For equipment I find the medium rod with a spin cast reel with 6 pound test the best. Try a spinner bait to help you catch more walleye.


 pictured left a spinner rig with a night crawler.